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Finest Yoga Experience in Tokyo

Sattva (सत्त्व) is a Sanskrit word that represents the quality of, “Positivity, truth, serenity, balance, and peacefulness.”

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International Yoga Classes in Tokyo

Sattva Yoga Tokyo aims to provide the best international yoga classes in Tokyo

Lead by TOM, the studio classes are currently held at IYC Omotesando Tokyo. All classes are taught bilingually (English/ Japanese) and are for All Levels of Yoga Students.   

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Experienced and Friendly

“Tom exemplifies living life with purpose. ” Nathan Andres

Tom Wada - yoga teacher at IYC/ Sattva yoga
Tom Wada

Director, Sattva yoga Tokyo.

Born in Japan and raised in Chicago, Tom works with individuals and organizations on ways to reduce stress and realize mindfulness using yoga and breathing techniques to enhance productivity.

Tom's methodology integrates Ashtanga, Bikram and Hatha yoga as well as Vipassana meditation. Tom received his ERYT200/ ERYT500 certification in Dharamshala India, and have studied under John Scott and Ken Harakuma.

Yoga not only brings flexibility to your body, it can help calm the mind and raise creativity in your life and work. Many studies have proven that yoga and meditation are great compliments to a busy daily lifestyle.

Tom believes that one source of stress in modern life is the division between body and spirit.

Tom's unique English/Japanese instruction seeks to heal this division by helping clients join Yang (energetic) and Yin (calming) giving life and body more power, direction and energy.

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Tom is not only a devoted practitioner of yoga but also truly bilingual in spoken/written Japanese and English, with a native speaker command of both languages.

Queensland Tourism
Early 50s Male - Beginner

Tom exemplifies living life with purpose.

From taking his 'salary-man' career to the yoga mat, Tom has the first rate personal experience to help others and guide others in the journey to learning mindfulness and finding purpose.

On or off the mat, Tom takes a genuine interest in his students. In person at the studio or online with his global audience of yogis, his classes are calming, thorough, meditative and relaxing.

From beginner novice to advanced practitioner Tom tailors each class to be inclusive and filled with spirit, love and joy.

I admire Tom's commitment to living his life with purpose to help and support others in their yoga journeys.

HR Specialist
Late 40s Male - Beginner

I’ve been attending Tom’s bilingual yoga classes almost every week for three years.

Tom’s class is an oasis of calm at the end of a busy week - come stressed and distracted, and leave limber, relaxed, clear-headed and with more kindness in your heart (it’s true)!

Tom takes the time to get to know his students’ strengths and weaknesses, and gently nudges you without ever judging or criticizing. Perfect way to start a Sunday morning.

Early 30s Female - Intermediate

Tom is a really good yoga teacher and for someone like me, who is a part-timer at yoga class, he balances just the right amount of adjustment with letting me find my own edge.

He is incredibly knowledgeable and matches to the level and flexibility and challenge of each student. He will gently move me beyond my edge if he can see I just need a little extra stretch to, for example grab my hands behind my back and guides me into position for maximum benefit, giving my blocks and belts when I need them.

He does all while never making me feel inadequate and meets me where I am. I like how he opens and closes the classes too and the music and countdowns that he chooses.

He lives his truth and is a lovely human in addition.

He lives yoga.

Life Coach
Late 40s Female - Beginner